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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Engineered Timber ?

Also known as multi-layered timber, engineered timber is composed of several layers of timber, with the grains in opposing directions of one another. Wood naturally warps in the direction of the grain when it is affected by moisture. This layering of the timber sections reduces the movement of the timber drastically, as it is evened out over the many layers. This prevents the wood from warping and/or twisting, allowing the windows and doors to open smoothly, year round. This removes the problem that has been suffered with previous generations of timber windows and doors, where the wood can swell or twist, causing the units to stick and become very hard (and in some cases, impossible) to open.

Engineered timber also has greater strength and stiffness than comparable dimensional lumber and is, pound for pound, stronger than steel. It is also a better environmental choice than aluminium or PVC because they have less embodied energy. It also goes without saying that timber windows are head and shoulders above Aluminium and PVC in regards to aesthetics.

Why Choose Premium Timber Windows Over My Local Carpenter ?

Whilst some local joiners can deliver a good looking product, visually, they will often not glaze or paint the window themselves. This would mean a 3rd party has been involved in the production of your windows/doors and could potentially cause problems when it comes to the warranty as you could potentially be suck in the middle of a dispute between the two parties, should there be any issues, down the line. There is also the fact that Joiners rarely specialise in just producing windows and doors. They may produce a wide range of products, meaning they are less specialised in regards to flexibility in design and the range of available profiles.

We believe in accepting full responsibility by undertaking every single aspect of the construction process. Before they leave the factory, the windows are glazed and fully finished in a humidity controlled environment. This ensures that the timber is protected from moisture from day one, allowing greater longevity and peace of mind for all involved. Also if you have any queries on any aspect of the window, you have one point of contact, Premium Timber Windows.

On top of this, each of our installation teams is able to handle all works related to the installation. Blown plaster or render around the window? No problem! We can take care of this ourselves, rather than having a separate contractor stop by, like most other joiners (and other window companies) would do. We believe in keeping everything “in-house” to allow the highest level of control. This allows us guarantee the highest standard of work to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

What Guarantees Does Your Service Come With ?

Our guarantees are:

30 years against rot and fungal infection on all timber aspects
10 years on all glazing
10 years on ironmongery
10 years on workmanship
8 years on paint finish
5 years on stain finishes.

All of our guarantees are insurance backed so you have peace of mind knowing that they are valid, down the line, regardless of any outside factors. Often we replace original windows in properties which can be up to 200 years old so your new windows should easily out last our guarantees and most likely, all of us!

Do You Offer A Supply Only Service ?

Most window companies are dependent on installations to make a profit. This is because they often resell their windows from another manufacturer. As we are in control of the entire manufacturing process from start to finish (and beyond) and not a middle man, we can offer “Supply Only” and “Supply and Install” packages, to suit your needs. Rest assured; in either instance, the quality and guarantees on the product are exactly the same.

Do You Offer Untreated or Unpainted Windows ?

No. The simple reason for this is that without treatment of some kind the timber is unprotected and vulnerable to moisture. The higher the moisture content, the higher the potential for the wood to rot. Our process is fine tuned to ensure that all of our engineered timber windows and doors require low maintenance for many years to come.

Are Engineered Timber Windows & Doors Environmentally Friendly ?

All of our timber is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified which ensures it comes from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. On top of this, the manufacturing process of timber windows does not produce any toxic fumes or by-products, unlike any other window types. In short, it is drastically more environmentally friendly than any other materials. Leaving you (and us) with a clear conscience on top of beautiful windows to keep your home warm and secure.

How Much Maintenance Will The Windows Require ?

The micro-porous paint we use will last a minimum of 8 years and the wood stain around 5 years, before any decoration is needed. When it comes to the redecoration, as micro-porous paint is water based rather than the older oil based paints, you do not need to sand and strip it back to the bare timber but rather, give the window a simple clean, followed by one coat of paint. That is it! Just because they are timber windows does not mean you should have high maintenance!

How Much Do Timber Windows Cost ?

As we offer a bespoke product it depends on many factors. For example: dimensions, styles, glazing, ironmongery, trickle ventilation requirements and so on.

The easiest way to get a price is to contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can provided you with an accurate quotation for free. We are also happy to advise you and steer you towards certain stylistic choices should you be unsure of what you want.

What Are Sash Windows?

Traditional Sash Windows are made out of two sashes and can be opened either vertically or side to side by sliding one sash. The two sashes are supported by frames which also hide the vertical grooves and counter balances which allow the window to open and close smoothly. To learn more about our selection of elegant windows, head over to our Sash windows page.

Our Quality Is Guaranteed

Rot & Fungal Infection 30

Years Guaranteed

Sealed Glazing Units 10

Years Guaranteed

Ironmongery 10

Years Guaranteed

Workmanship 10

Years Guaranteed

Paint Finish 8

Years Guaranteed

Stain Finish 5

Years Guaranteed

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