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Enhance your property with Traditional & Contemporary Casement Windows

Every one of our timber windows is designed for warmth and security. We achieve this using only the best, high performance, double glazed units, draught excluders and multi-point locking systems.

We use the latest in modern technologies to ensure that our timber windows are warp and twist resistant, ensuring any imperfections in the wood are removed. This guarantees that every window is not only beautiful but long lasting, requiring as little maintenance as possible.

We supply both Flush and Edwardian Casement windows. Regardless of the type you chose, both are as warm, durable and secure as the other. The styles are purely based on visual differences.

We ensure the period character of your property is retained on both the frames themselves and any glazing aspects. We can match any design, with a wide range of bars or lead lights available. Everything that we produce is bespoke, regardless of the size of the job.

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Elegant Flush Casement Windows

The flush casement has the frame and window sash sitting flat across the outer surface, cleanly shutting into the frame, with no steps back or forwards. Our windows are specially designed to achieve a beautiful, traditional look, whilst bringing modern performance to the forefront.

Our windows are constructed entirely from engineered timber, giving them a high resistance to warping and twisting. The high security multi-point locking systems are incorporated discretely, so as not to be visible externally, ensuring incredibly secure windows.

With a wide range of bespoke styles available, we can match any of your original windows designs so visually, your home looks identical but with draft proof, warm, secure, low maintenance timber windows.

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Traditional Edwardian Casement Windows

These casement windows offer a slight twist on the more commonly seen flush casements. They are distinct in the fact the window sash is recessed back from the face of the frame on the outer surface. This stepping back of the sashes came in to being to give another architectural highlight to the properties in which they are installed, making them stand out, quite notably, from other flush casement windows at the time.

Our windows are specially designed to keep as much of the traditional aesthetics as possible, whilst maintaining the beauty of their original design whilst bringing modern performance to the forefront.

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Rot & Fungal Infection 30

Years Guaranteed

Sealed Glazing Units 10

Years Guaranteed

Ironmongery 10

Years Guaranteed

Workmanship 10

Years Guaranteed

Paint Finish 8

Years Guaranteed

Stain Finish 5

Years Guaranteed

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We used premium timber windows to change from old, draughty windows to lovely wood ones. Chose a very pale grey which have made the house look so much nicer. They are warm, well fitted and good quality. Really helpful team. We were quite indecisive and despite this they were patient and was worth it. Good fitting team as well.

Fiona Dowson

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